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PhOeNiX LanDinG
13 Apr 2002, 02:26
I'm experiencing my firsit dB error with vBulletin, after just recently switching from uBB.

The message i get is....

Database error in vBulletin Control Panel 2.2.2:

Invalid SQL: UPDATE usergroup SET title='Moderators',usertitle='Moderator',cancontrolpanel=0,canmodifyprofile=1,ca nviewmembers=1,canview=1,showgroup=,cansearch=1,canemail=1,canpostnew=1,canmove= 1,canopenclose=1,candeletethread=1,canreplyown=1,canreplyothers=1,canviewothers= 1,caneditpost=1,candeletepost=1,canusepm=1,canpostpoll=1,canvote=1,canpostattach ment=1,ismoderator=0,canpublicedit=0,canpublicevent=0,canthreadrate=1,cantrackpm =1,candenypmreceipts=0,maxbuddypm=5,maxforwardpm=5,canwhosonline=1,canwhosonline ip=1,cangetattachment=1 WHERE usergroupid=7
mysql error: You have an error in your SQL syntax near 'cansearch=1,canemail=1,canpostnew=1,canmove=1,canopenclose=1,candeletethread=1, c' at line 1

mysql error number: 1064

Date: Friday 12th of April 2002 09:24:16 PM
Script: http://forums.gamespecs.com/admin/usergroup.php
Referer: http://forums.gamespecs.com/admin/usergroup.php?s=&action=edit&usergroupid=7

It happens whenever i try and modify the settings in a usergroup, like click yes instead of no. I just reopened my forums, and i'm really NOT trying to lose all data after just getting my member base back.

If you have any clue what i can do, please help. I know its a long shot.

It just started out of no where, a hint of anytype would be good.


13 Apr 2002, 07:02
Run this query:
UPDATE usergroup SET showgroup=0;
Then try again. If it still doesn't work (and your forum isn't hacked) I suggest you ask this question at vBulletin.com. :)

PhOeNiX LanDinG
13 Apr 2002, 12:12
I hate to be a moron, but i know nothing about vB. How would I go about doing this?


... should have stuck with ubb... grrrrr ;)

13 Apr 2002, 12:27

PhOeNiX LanDinG
13 Apr 2002, 13:07
thank you, i appreciate it. And i thought i was just getting the hang of this.. pfft