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13 Apr 2002, 05:22
Here is the code:

if (!session_is_registered("user")){
$user = new usertrack;
echo "new";
This seems to be executing for every page when it is part of my biggger program, yet seems to work fine on its own. My test script was a bit simpler, since I did not use an object.


if (!session_is_registered("test")){
$test = "TESTING";
echo "TEST";

I am 99% sur eit was working until I made some other changes in the program, but I can't be positive.

What kind of bug should I be looking for? This is driving me nuts.

13 Apr 2002, 17:19
The code posted first is working great by itself, but when tied into the rest of the system, somehow it seems to get lost between pages.

Does anyone know of a way to inspect the session registered variables on a remote host? If this was my own Linux install, I could do it, but have no idea how to do it in a shared hosting environment. I am hoping there is some tool like phpinfo() that will show me session variables and objects in a useful format.


Mark Hensler
14 Apr 2002, 06:15
What exactly is getting lost? the session or the variables in the session?

Was PHP compiled with --enable-trans-sid (http://www.php.net/manual/en/install.configure.php#install.configure.enable-trans-sid)?
Do you have session.use_trans_id on?
echo ini_get("session.use_trans_sid");

Was PHP compiled with --enable-track-vars?
Do you have track_vars (http://www.php.net/manual/en/configuration.php#ini.track-vars) enabled?

14 Apr 2002, 20:01
I guess I learned a lesson here. Never program after 3am. In a previous late night session, I must have had some stupid reason to insert a Session_destroy() into the code, but can't imagine what it is now. Due to the modular nature of what I am building, it took me more than two days to find it. Why are bugs always in the last place you look for them ?

Mark Hensler
15 Apr 2002, 00:57
Because as soon as you find them, you look no further. ;)

15 Apr 2002, 01:23
You win one gold star.

15 Apr 2002, 01:28
Cool site Mark. !!
I will be joining up.

15 Apr 2002, 13:41
Originally posted by Mark Hensler
Because as soon as you find them, you look no further. ;)
Hehe, good one.