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Silenced Soul
16 Apr 2002, 04:47
My members have been requesting a hack like this for quite a while, the loser cp. The CP that all members can access, it's purely for fun, has no real meaning...just something to screw around in. I still have something to fix in it, but, I'm sure for now, it'll work, you just have to edit like every file (sorry) and make it point to your site link.

There are screenshots and everything inside of the attachment, installation and everything. Please, feel free to ask any questions...oh, and please do be kind, afterall this is my first hack :lick:

This hack is not compatible with vBhacker, so you have to do it the old fashoined way...and, since it's not that hard to edit one or two files, it'll be easy.

Version 1.2 now available, please re-download zip.

16 Apr 2002, 09:26
this hack is pretty pointless

16 Apr 2002, 12:04
It isn't really any more pointless than the "Insert user's username into post" hack, is it? :) Both involve stupid fun.

16 Apr 2002, 14:56

16 Apr 2002, 17:08
Image removed.

16 Apr 2002, 17:29
haha :D

Scott MacVicar
16 Apr 2002, 18:22
I like this hack :D

though i'm a bit easily amused.

16 Apr 2002, 19:28
I don't really get what it does? Is it just those 4 links and each one just says something different?

16 Apr 2002, 20:07
Why didn't you just make a global variable instead of making us edit every line their?

16 Apr 2002, 20:37
Wow. Seems like pointless fun :)

Silenced Soul
16 Apr 2002, 21:52
Dalius - Like I said in the installation file, I'll be fixing this up to work like that soon, actually, I'm working on that right now ^^

And there is absolutely no point to this hack, just stupid fun as others have said. A few of my members wanted it, so, I created the hack.

Silenced Soul
16 Apr 2002, 22:24
(sorry for double post)

I have just edited the file and made it so that you just have to edit one file, index.php. I simply created the two global variables as Dailius requested (was going to do this anyways). I've also already edited the files to make it not show a few errors I had made in the coding.

Please re-upload the zip.

17 Apr 2002, 05:01
Originally posted by Silenced Soul
(sorry for double post)
lol! You're considerate. There's some on the board that do 4 or 5 in a row ;)

Chris M
17 Apr 2002, 20:44

Chris M
17 Apr 2002, 20:45
Arent they inconsiderate...

Chris M
17 Apr 2002, 20:45
Now others...

Chris M
17 Apr 2002, 20:46
They just Spam and spam away...:):)


17 Apr 2002, 23:32
So... What exactly does this hack do?

17 Apr 2002, 23:35
NM, question answered. :lick:

Chris M
18 Apr 2002, 19:02


20 Apr 2002, 10:40
Why would anyone bash this hack. It's a great idea. The bottom line is that everyone wants users on their forum. My forum is for boaters and I have lots of things like up-to-date weather from the weather hack, marine weather, marine conditions, a photo gallery (whose menu button blinks when photos have been posted since your last visit), a thread monkey (marquee), and boating news. The net of all of this is that I want people to spend more time on my forum and post more messaages and anything I can do to liven up the place and make it more fun is what I'll do.