View Full Version : I can't complete my registration

16 Apr 2002, 14:19
Can anybody help me, please! Because when I go to http://www.vbulletin.com/members/vbulletin.org.php and type my username and password will this display

You have entered an invalid customer number/password combination. Please press refresh if you wish to try again.

Have you forgotton your customer number and password? Click here!

16 Apr 2002, 14:25
Use your customer number/password.

16 Apr 2002, 14:31
How do I no what my custom number is??

Scott MacVicar
16 Apr 2002, 17:30
you got it in the email when your purchased vBulletin

04 May 2002, 16:31
I never get that far becuase you cant buy it online using your credit card

PSO Master
06 May 2002, 09:12
you can, that's how i did it, well i used my mums with her permission :) The only problem i had was when it first asked to put the credit card number in, the dam form couldnt fit it all on lol, so I just refreshed it and it was okay.... weird.... personally from that experience, I think digibuy is a bit rubbish, but it worked so I don't mind anymore.