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Chris M
16 Apr 2002, 20:11
Database error in vBulletin Control Panel 2.2.5:

Invalid SQL: SELECT *,FROM_UNIXTIME(joindate) AS joindate,FROM_UNIXTIME(lastvisit) AS lastvisit,FROM_UNIXTIME(lastactivity) AS lastactivity,FROM_UNIXTIME(lastpost) AS lastpost,FROM_UNIXTIME(awaydate) AS awaydateastactivity) AS lastactivity,FROM_UNIXTIME(lastpost) AS lastpost,
avatar.avatarpath,NOT ISNULL(customavatar.avatardata) AS hascustomavatar
FROM user
LEFT JOIN avatar ON avatar.avatarid=user.avatarid
LEFT JOIN customavatar ON customavatar.userid=user.userid
WHERE user.userid=27
mysql error: You have an error in your SQL syntax near ') AS lastactivity,FROM_UNIXTIME(lastpost) AS lastpost,
' at line 1

mysql error number: 1064

Date: Tuesday 16th of April 2002 02:03:25 PM
Script: http://www.thephora.com/admin/user....=edit&userid=27
Referer: http://www.thephora.com/admin/

Anyone know what that means?


Chris M
16 Apr 2002, 20:43
Any clues?


16 Apr 2002, 20:56
Please don't bump your post every 30 minutes.

Mark Hensler
16 Apr 2002, 21:07
awaydateastactivity) AS lastactivity
take that out!

Chris M
16 Apr 2002, 21:10
From where?

Sorry Im new at this sort of error...

Edit2: Weird - I can now access the Database again...Strange...