View Full Version : Simple database issue (but I'm dumb!)

17 Apr 2002, 23:41
I'm sure there must be a simple solution to this...

I have a vB forum on the net, and one locally for development. Every now and then I want to dump the web one to the local database, but whenever I do that it loses all attachments and avatars - anything stored as a file within the database. How can I dump the db to the local server without losing all of this?

18 Apr 2002, 00:02
try backing up the table individually from the VB Admin CP

and then import them individually it is quicker and you can d othe Attachment table on it's own it will take a long time but will eventually import

18 Apr 2002, 09:21
:eek: Is there no other way? And why do all of the files in the db disappear when I dump it anyway?!