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29 Apr 2002, 06:29
im making a new forum. i am tryin to move my current posts & members over there

i want to move
from : http://forum.darknemesis.com
to: http://forums.darknemesis.com

i changed from php3 to php because i was having problems with using hacks. and i want to start with fresh files to put my new hacks on.
do i have to copy files to move members and posts over there or what?

Steve Machol
29 Apr 2002, 06:35
As long as you are using the same database you won't have to make any changes other than moving the vB files from one location to the other. The posts and members are contained in the database, not the files. If this is simply a directory name change, then you don't even have to do that. Just make sure you update the URL in you Admin CP.

29 Apr 2002, 06:51
sorry, im not sure if i understood what u said :sleep:
what i meant was, i have 2 folders called forum and forum
forum contains my current php3 forum
forums is the new php forum.

i just want to move the members and posts to forums. i tried changing the forums folder to forum to see if the members automatically go there but nothing happened

29 Apr 2002, 07:07
You need to change the config.php file in forums/admin to use the database with the members and posts. Then update the URL in the admin CP to the new forums folder.