View Full Version : Question about vB and MySQL

30 Apr 2002, 04:12

My first post and would like to ask before I buy about vB and MySQL.

My hosting co. is offering 20MB of MySQL and was wondering if I bought and installed vB;

1) How many users can I get registered within the given space amount of 20MB

2) How post and thread would the board be allowed before I hit the 20MB limit

3) Seeing on other sites, some of them let you upload files or pics. Will these files be uploaded to MySQL server or my other hosting space which is around 500MB which is being hosted by the same ISP who will be servicing MySQL.

4) How easy is it to modify the main page with my own website logo and my custom color scheme?

Thanks anyone who can shed some light on this.

01 May 2002, 00:48
20 MB of sql? hmm.... I'm at about twice that, maybe more, and here's my site:


Steve Machol
01 May 2002, 03:38
It's difficult to say how many users and posts can fit in a 20MB space. It all depends on the size of the posts, whether you allow file and avatar uploads, etc. However I can say that one of my forums has 1500 members and 33,000 posts and the database is 64.2 Mb.

Frankly in this day and age, 20Mb is a pittance. I'd seriously consider finding another host if I were you. Good luck!