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The Dark Angel
02 May 2002, 13:26
I wanna buy vbb online :cool: , but it keeps saying:

We are currently unable to process your online order at this time.
Please order by phone, fax, or check and your daytime phone number is required.
Otherwise try your order at a later date.

i dont wanna buy it by phone or check because its a present, when will the server be able to progress my transaction?

02 May 2002, 13:33
You should probably direct this question to sales@vbulletin.com or something like that.

02 May 2002, 13:33
Contact sales@vbulletin.com and they will help you. :)

02 May 2002, 13:34
Hah! I beat you to it, Chen :p

The Dark Angel
02 May 2002, 13:36
ok tnx m88