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08 May 2002, 14:13
Hello all again,

I have a finally difficulty before buying this program and this is the following:

In the site of Vbulletin, it says that to run the prog u will need: MySQL 3.23.33 and PHP 4.
Also it says that: The software has been successfully installed on several different flavours of UNIX (including Solaris, and Redhat Linux), as well as Windows NT/2000/XP.

My question to the people here is how good is going to a win2k server?
My server details are: Windows 2000 SP2 SRP1
IIS 5.0
Ms-SQL ver 7.0.

U think that the boards can work on it?

I have already sent an e-mail to the support of the company but they dont answered yet so any help is much appreciated:)

Thanks a lot:)

08 May 2002, 14:21
I'm running 7 vBulletin's locally (testing purposes) and they all work flawlessly. Using Windows 2000 Professional with Service Pack 2. Currently I'm using Apace as the Web server but I've been using IIS 5 for half a year and vBulletin works great under both.

08 May 2002, 14:42
It will not run under MsSQL at all without some rewriting.
Not sure how much is needed, tho.

I am also running several copies of vBulletin locally on my Windows 2000 Pro with SP2 and apache/php 4.1.2/mysql v3.23.49-nt

08 May 2002, 14:54
Oops sorry, I thought you said MySQL. Sparkz is right, MsSQL is currently not supported. :( Sorry!

08 May 2002, 14:56
But of course I am right, Chen ;)
I always am (OMG, I wish that was true :p)

Cynthia Blue
10 May 2002, 14:12
My VB/Portal runs fine in W2K with IIS. However, be warned if you want to add some addins (for instance the gallery) you may run into some problems. Some of the addins hacks are not supported with IIS. :(