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08 May 2002, 21:44

I am planning on starting a PC-football related website, containing the first RESPONSIBLY moderated forums for such a site on the net.

But, in all my research, I can find no mention of how much hosting space to purchase in order to successfully use these forums.

Can someone help me out with this?

Scott MacVicar
08 May 2002, 22:24
It all depends on how popular your board is, you should be able to install the forums with about 20mb of disk space and easily have a large forums with under 50mb of mysql space.

If you want to be comfortable try and get around 100mb of disk space and 150 of mysql space.
You'll need more disk space for doing database backups and the extra mysql space for when you run myisamchk.

08 May 2002, 22:39
Thank you very much for the advice. It is appreciated.

08 May 2002, 23:23
If you are worried about the amount of space needed, you might want to consider disabling upload of avatars and attachments.

09 May 2002, 01:20
also have a look at vbulletin.com's hints and tips forum for more band and space saving options

18 May 2002, 09:45
that's great. thanks to everyone who responded. it is great that there is a community such as this one where people are willing to help each other without insults or asking anything in return.

keep up the good work people! and, if you're into PC football, check out my site! i'll let you know the name as soon as i decide on one LOL

19 May 2002, 17:41
i agree