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09 May 2002, 12:54
just for the heck of it yesterday while setting up a new (my own) server to run VB I did some experimentation with moving the vb .MYD files to a different drive (that also happen to be on a different scsi controller).

I setup symbolic links to point to the .MYD files. I figured I'd get better Mysql performance by separating the index and data portions of the database.

I learned a few things.

1) Performance gain was minimal in simulated stress testing: Reindexing the entire database showed no significant impovement.

2) The sessions.MYD DOES NOT LIKE to be accessed via a symbolic link. VB fails with a message about not be able to access sessions.MYD

I'm sure I'll see beter performance once I bring the site live simply because there will be less contention for resouces on the one drive that all files (data & indexes) were located on..

Anyone do any experimentation along these lines????

- jeff

09 May 2002, 15:16
Regarding (2): The session table is not a MyISAM table, it's a HEAP table.

09 May 2002, 15:55
nice avatar!

09 May 2002, 15:57