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10 May 2002, 20:00
has anyone been able to build php using the --with-apache option with apache 2.0

my ./configure stops and say --with-apache not support in 2.0


Mark Hensler
10 May 2002, 22:14
What version of PHP?

I'm planning on doing this soon, too.

11 May 2002, 10:48
php 4.2.0

evidently on apache2.0, apache 2.0 no longer permits compiling php as a memory resident module. Php must be treated as CGI.

I've been experimenting for the last week with apache 2.0 & php 4.2.0. The bottom line is that VB (heavily hacked 2.4) was not stable and acted flakey. This is a new server for me, so I went back to apache 1.3 and php 4.1.2.

I have the microstats hack installed and apache 1.3 with php 4.1.2 serves up pages a lot faster than apache 2.0 with php 4.2
and vb seems stable.

having burned about 60 hours of personal time at nights and on weekends I can tell you it was a great learning experience, but I'll wait a while before installing php 4.2 in a production environment.

- jeff

Scott MacVicar
11 May 2002, 13:19
apache 2.0 is not a release that is stable enough for production use imho, and apache 2.0 support is only experimental in 4.2.0. I'd use apache 1.3.24 and php 4.2.0 it works fine on my server i won't be trying apache 2.0 until it reaches 2.1.

Mark Hensler
12 May 2002, 00:45
PHP 4.2 just nuked the old global vars (like $HTTP_), right?
And, PHP 4.2 just added the new global vars (like $_POST), right?

Was there a version in between, when both sets of global vars was supported? I can see a lot of scripts dying...

Maybe I'll download the 4.2 source, and hack it to add the old global vars. hmmm...

12 May 2002, 10:37
The $HTTP_*_VARS and $HTTP_POST_FILES arrays still work in 4.2.0 Mark. They added $_* in 4.1.0 but both still work, the only difference is that $_* are global.

Mark Hensler
13 May 2002, 00:04
Oh, good. Thanks!

13 May 2002, 11:51
They probably won't remove the old arrays, at least not anytime soon. It will just kill too many scripts, and I don't think they can afford that.

Many people are annoyed by the register_globals new default setting, and besides the new arrays are too new.

Mark Hensler
13 May 2002, 19:01
I don't think the register_globals is not biggy. It's not compiled in, its in the config file. But then again, I have access to that on my box, and not everone does.

13 May 2002, 19:06
But most hosts don't care about it, just leave the default configuration and change critical stuff. So now most hosts will have it disabled, and people will need to contact the support to ask why the board doesn't work, and we will need to direct them to the host, which will make a funny face and take a week to turn the setting on. ;)