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The Dark Angel
11 May 2002, 09:02
I wanna run vbb on my own home-pc.... Wich programs do i have to download to run it?

11 May 2002, 09:20
The Dark Angel, please go to this (http://www.vbulletin.com/members/vbulletin.org.php) page and enter your username, to show you are licensed. (you will need to use your customer number and password to access that page)
Thank you.

The Dark Angel
11 May 2002, 09:55
i dont think u understand me.... i dont have webspace, so i first wanted to test the lite version on my home-pc, before i buy vbb and webspace. :smoke:

Steve Machol
11 May 2002, 16:35
See the 'System Requirements' listed here:


11 May 2002, 17:35
Not that the two can in any way be compared to eachother...

Steve Machol
11 May 2002, 18:14
No, they can't in terms of function and features, but this will give him an idea how to install a forum and whether his system has the necessary software.

12 May 2002, 01:12
Well, installing it at home to check it out before he buys will hardly tell him if whoever he rents webspace from has everything he needs :)

By the way he worded himself it sounded like he was gonna use the light version to decide wether to buy the boards or not :)

Steve Machol
12 May 2002, 04:59
As I said, the 'Features' page lists the server requirements.

The Dark Angel
12 May 2002, 16:43
i have it on the apache now... but it doesnt go further then the first step. What did i do wrong?

The Dark Angel
13 May 2002, 07:15
do u know a trick that could help me?