View Full Version : Webboard 4.2 to vB importer?

13 May 2002, 17:13
I'm this || close to purchasing a license and moving to vB for my main board but the thing thats holding me back is that there is no import script for Webboard 4.2. I have about 40k messages and 425 users that have accumulated over the last 2 years and have alot of information I just dont want to lose. My question to you guys is do you think its impossible for an importer to be developed for Webboard 4.2?

If it is I guess I'll bite the bullet and just copy/paste the important stuff over but it seems to me that there is probably a way to automate it. The SQL2000 DB is fairly straight forward and all the active thread bodies are in text files so it shouldnt be all that rough. Does anyone have any good spots to start looking at how other existing importers work to give me some ideas on how to make a Webboard 4.2 one?

Thanks for your help.