View Full Version : Convert YabbSE to vbulletin 2.2.6

15 May 2002, 08:32
Does somebody know how is it possible to convert a YabbSE MySQL Database to a VBulletin Database.
We have 3500 Members an 90.000 posts to convert, because in YabbSE its to slow for us.

23 May 2002, 15:33
vBulletin 2.2.6 is not out yet, and probably won't be released until this week-end or early next week.

Scott MacVicar
23 May 2002, 15:49
Monday to be precise :)

23 May 2002, 22:18
And this Version can convert YabbSE ??

23 May 2002, 22:35
U never know. Where can I get the UPGRADE to 2.2.6?

Steve Machol
24 May 2002, 03:38
There won't be a YaBB converter realeased with 2.2.6. And you can always download the latest release of vB from the vbulletin.com Members Area.

28 May 2002, 22:03
vB sucks, use YaBB SE dude!

Steve Machol
28 May 2002, 23:20
Originally posted by Mach8
vB sucks, use YaBB SE dude! What are you - eight years old? :rolleyes: