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Master Control
21 May 2002, 21:36
Ok Well for some Weird reason my other thread is not Responding :angry: so Please if you can help a programmer learn some php and mysql it would be a Great help and i'll make sure to share with everyone :ermm:

21 May 2002, 23:16
hmm, i can't really learn you php, but i can give you a hint:

best method to learn programming is the try and error method.

think of small hacks you want to do on a LOCAL board. then try to find lines which would do some of this stuff. copie them together, edit th variables and run the script.
if it works, try a harder one, if not, try to find the error and correct it...

so i have learned all my programming skills

Master Control
22 May 2002, 01:03
Well that would be a Start i guess But i dont Know anything so i dont even know where to start and i have no Hacks to look at and see how they tick, can you like tell me if you can get me one or Help me get one and so on :ermm:

Ohh and also my friend wants to Put in a php forum for his site www.dueldesign.tk
how does he do this(keep in mind he is slow and needs it simplistic) :classic:

22 May 2002, 01:31
How about reading some of www.php.net ?

Master Control
22 May 2002, 16:40
Well i'll take a look at it, I'm hoping it will do the trick, But where can i get a test hack? Like somthing basic to Just look at its codeing so i can see how they tick.. maybe i can learn a bit off of that

22 May 2002, 17:14
You can become a registered user and download hacks in the hack-section.

Master Control
22 May 2002, 19:39
that Required $$ and i Belive that is a HUGE issue for me right now cause i'm spending so much on Grad and such

Steve Machol
23 May 2002, 01:13
To access the hacks here you have to be a licensed customer. This isn't open to negotiation or debate. That's just the way it is.

23 May 2002, 01:29
Why on earth would you want to create hacks for vB if you don't have a license?

If you have a board, get a license. If you don't have a board, this is hardly the place to ask for help learning PHP.

That said, the best tool for learning PHP is the manual at http://www.php.net/