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29 May 2002, 19:59
Is there a hack or can VB expire a post be the posters designation?
So if the poster wanted the post to expire in 3, 7, 15 days, or the oprion of never expire. Is that possible?

30 May 2002, 10:35
I don't completely understand, but I don't think this hack exists. You can set a time limit on polls, though.

30 May 2002, 11:50
there is a topics that close themselfs hack if thats whats your after.

30 May 2002, 12:33
I was hoping there was a hack that can expire a post and delete it from the bulletin board after a set time period. And I was hoping that the poster can pick the time period that they wanted the post to be displayed before it was automatically deleted.

17 Jul 2002, 11:24
Have you found your solution for this?

I am also looking for it so i can modify vb into a classifieds.

It will be good if the script can send out an email to the member asking him if he want to renew or extend his post.

31 Jul 2002, 08:24
Anyluck with this?

27 Dec 2003, 12:25
instead of deleting the thread... perhaps the hack should MOVE the thread to another "invisible" forum (eg. EXPIRED ADS). Then when the advertiser renews, you simply move the thread back to the "BUY SELL AND TRADE" forum.

is this hack available yet?

27 Dec 2003, 14:22
No need to bring back an old thread mate ;) This ones over a year old