View Full Version : blazeboard to vB

31 May 2002, 06:56
Is there any blazeboard -> vB convertor out there somewhere? when i searched this board all i found was talk about xmb, openbb, and mycool. This is really the only thing stopping me from switching over as i don't wanna make my users re-register for the umpteenth time.

31 May 2002, 15:58
Sorry, haven't seen any importers for Blazeboard.

01 Jun 2002, 03:07
I have not seen blazeboard for some time now, is it still availible for download? The download factor could be one reason there has not been a developed converter for it yet (their database structure could be another).

- SaintDog

01 Jun 2002, 06:37
No, it's no longer available for download. If someone want's to do a convertor i could zip up my board and just send it to them.