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05 Jun 2002, 22:35
Hi, first of all, thanx for reading.

Here's the issue: suddenly, several users (including the 2 admins) became unable to post in certain topics in many forums of the board (http://foro.alkon.com.ar), apparently with no visible pattern or reason.

When using the quick reply box, it stalls waiting to open the newreply.php page 'til timeout, and when trying to use the regular reply button, the message composition page never appears.

If this wasn't strange enough, it also sends email notification to the thread starter (if enabled) every time someone tries to post, even if the message was not successfully posted. Sometimes the thread starter can keep posting there, sometimes he can't.

The last installed hack was the specific forum ban for moderators, and it was installed several days before. It didn't work mainly because of users groups, but it didn't show any conflicts either.

This problem began 2 days ago, we tried installing version 2.6 yesterday (coming from 2.5) and it worked fine for some users (very few). Others seem to have solved this thing by simply logging out and logging in again... still I can't find a solution.

Thanx again for reading and for any hand you can give me.

06 Jun 2002, 10:20
do you (your host) upgraded to new PHP version and if yes,
have you applied the fix in vbulletin.com for new PHP? AFAIK v.2.6 should include the fix by default but if I were you I would check the vbulletin.com threads anyway.

The "weird" problems that starts suddenly and happens sometimes or to some users are usually related to that issue.