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12 Jun 2002, 03:27
I need only one information before start buying a vB license.
Is possible to give each user a "credit". The users collect credit depending of interest level of their post and the users must "pay" to reply?

Sorry for my poor english :(
Thanks in advance.
Bye, Nomad.

12 Jun 2002, 11:16
yeah it's possible with a few lines of code :)

12 Jun 2002, 11:38
Thanks Xenon for your support!
I bought vBulletin by money order and I'm waiting the vB e-mail order confirmation.
Can you tell me where I can d/l this hack?
Oh... it exist a hack or I have to write it by myself?!

12 Jun 2002, 11:43
hmm i think such sort of hack exists already, but i'm not sure, you have to search throgh the release forum :)

if you have to write it yourself, you have too add a field to the usertable, edit the file newreply and newthread for the pay-part, and the showthread.php for the gain credit part..

12 Jun 2002, 17:47
Oh :( I'm not so PHP-coding expert to write it by myself.
When I've got my license number I 'm look into Full Release.
Do you suggest me a name or something else to looking for?

Thanks, Nomad!

12 Jun 2002, 18:23
Just a thought, but wouldn't a hack such as this limit people posting? You would lose interest in the community instead of building interest.

Just my thought