View Full Version : Could I import from Discus?

15 Jun 2002, 21:03

I have a sizeable forum, lots of pages of messages I don't want to lose, in Discus. And oh, how silly I feel for buying it... But better not to get into that.

I wouldn't want to change to vBulletin, though, unless I could import all the current messages, member profiles and passwords. Could this be done? Could anyone write a script to do it? (If it looks possible but horribly time consuming, just tell me what it would cost ;) )

Discus comes from discusware.com, btw. It's perl based, and keeps messages in static html pages.

One other question - how much would I need to know about php to install vBulletin and change the template to one with a LH menu?

Thanks for your help!