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26 Jun 2002, 20:48
I'm ready to purchase and switch to vB from YABB SE. YABB SE is not bad, but vB appears to be much better, plus no more hacking. It appears that most of the features that YABB lacks you guys already have in place.

After searching your forums, I have discovered that no converter exists for YABB to vB. That's O.K. I know the db/table layout of YABB very well and had someone phpmyadmin his db for vB so that I could look at it's setup. Simple matter of putting together a script to do this.

General converting should not be a problem, but my concern is dealing with the encrypted passwords. YABB encrypts theirs with this command: crypt($member['passwrd1'],substr($member['passwrd1'],0,2));In the other converters available, what type of process are they doing with the passwords? I've assumed it to be Gospel that crypt() and md5() can't be reversed.

In summary, I need to know what would be my best approach to handling the password dilemma.

Assign a random password during the conversion and have users do a repair in their profile once online with vB? Leave that field blank? Or, in your opinion are my options?

We have approximately 1500 users and as you are all aware, the better the transition, the happier the campers will be!

Thanks in advance!

27 Jun 2002, 07:11
You're correct in assuming that MD5 and Crypt can't be reversed, these are not actual encoding functions.

I'd say, assign every user a random number, md5()'ing it into the user table, BUT keeping the original number in a different (custom) table. Then when you are done, write a quick PHP script that fetches all passwords and emails your users with their password.

BTW, when you do purchase vBulleitn please please go to this (http://www.vbulletin.com/members/vbulletin.org.php) page and enter your username, to show you are licensed. :)

27 Jun 2002, 14:49
Thanks FireFly. Purchased and downloaded vB first thing this morning and filled in all the necessary paperwork.