View Full Version : Why do I need to be a vB owner to post template modifications.

01 Jul 2002, 19:31
I can understand the reason behind requiring vB ownership to be able to access code hacks, but I fail to understand why I cannot post a template modification. I am a Sen. Mod. at Zelaron forums (http://www.zelaron.com), and worked with one of the admins there to develop a template modification that I would like to share with everyone, but when I hit new thread in the template forum, it tells me I don't have permissions to do that and that I need to add my username to some form on vBulletin.com.

I suppose I can just get Chruser to post it, but I fail to understand why I can't do it myself

02 Jul 2002, 01:01
Have the owner add your username in the vBulletin members area, once that has been done, you will be able to post freely.

- SaintDog

15 Jul 2002, 23:53
hm weird

16 Jul 2002, 04:10
It has to do with editing vbulletin templates and seeing how you have to have a licence to run vbulletin if you post a modification and dont have one you obviously are a pirate.

16 Jul 2002, 11:49
You seem to have things in order now, I am closing this thread.


- SaintDog