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23 Jul 2002, 16:50
I run a new site dedicated to the Unreal Tournament gaming community. We are currently using phpBB 2.01 and was curious if some vBulletin users would let me know reasons I should purchase vBulletin. Are the differences worth the hefty price?

23 Jul 2002, 16:56
if your community gets greater you'll love the much more and efficitent features vbulletin has.

Also it's much faster than phpbb2, and i think it's coded much more optimized and clear.

so if you think your site would get more than 200 members, i'd strongly advise you to use vb, it's really worth the prize

29 Jul 2002, 08:59
yes it's very good forum data base

29 Jul 2002, 09:19
In the other hand vBulletin is simple in code hacking and style change than the other forums , also it keeps a backup of the orginal templates,

Try it and you will never be sorry :)

30 Jul 2002, 03:49
You guys convinced him, to buy one, he transfered from phpbb to vb. hehe


Point Blank
30 Jul 2002, 04:03
It's much better than PHPbb, it has many more features, hacks and it's a great program to use.