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02 Aug 2002, 00:56
Ok, now, this is my 2nd referal to vb :) Too bad im not making money :( anyways, he has few questions, which are below.
*Note these questions are in his point of view, these are quoted from the guy as well*

1. Will I be able to access the hacks panel if after I pay for liscense, and when I do not pay 30$ to renew access to members at vbulletin.com?

2. If I get leased liscense, and I am not able to pay 85 at end of year, because I cannot get money, may I run vb, until I get money, within few weeks or months after end date of liscense, and then renew?

3. If I buy a lease liscense, and after a month or so, if I decide I want owned liscense, can I pay the difference of 160-85 and get owned liscense?

4. May I be able to run more then 1 vbulletin, on the same site
(ex: mysite.com/forums and mysite.com/messageboard etc)

Thats all...


02 Aug 2002, 08:36
1. Yes, but this may change as vBulletin 3 comes along and the system goes under some changes.

2. No, after your license expires you must renew it or stop running vBulletin. A few days is ok, but not weeks let alone months.

3. You can pay $85 within 30 days from the day you purchased a leased license and upgrade to an owned one. This offer only lasts 30 days, though.

4. No, you may only install vBulletin once per license. You can setup a redirect HTML page in /messageboard that will point to /forums, but vBulletin may only be installed once.