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Ninth Dimension
14 Aug 2002, 14:20
This may be viewed as shameless promotion on my behalf, and it is, Iím really sorry, just delete the post, if not, please read on :D

I run a gaming forum at http://gamevine.co.uk/ and am using the Top Sites List hack from this site, but so far Iíve only got one person in the list Ė me :(

All I wanted to do is ask if anyone here wanted to sign-up to the list for me, if you do Iíll greatly appreciate it.

Thank you


*please donít hit me* :)

15 Aug 2002, 00:59
Very nice man I will sure to be placed at the top correct ;P

15 Aug 2002, 01:23
*please donít hit me* :)
*runs after daniel with rollpin* +++++ don't advertise!!

J/k...when my new gaming site opens I will be sure to look back at this shameless attempt of advertising and join.

Nice site by the way


Ninth Dimension
15 Aug 2002, 11:28
well no one has hit me yet, so that is a good thing (although it got very close when that rollpin came into the thread).

cheers guys, anyone else?

15 Aug 2002, 11:39
I'll add my FF site to the list whenever the forums are back up and running.

Ninth Dimension
15 Aug 2002, 11:45
sweet, i'm looking foward to it :)