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15 Aug 2002, 21:17
Hi All,

If anyone is considering selling his/her VB license, I would like to buy it with VB approval. If interested, please email me kinobi @ myrealbox.com


16 Aug 2002, 00:02
I doubt anyone will sell their preccciiouuss VB around here but I ll surprise if anyone does. Good luck

16 Aug 2002, 05:02
You wouldn't be looking for a vb liscense...cheaper then the default 160$ eh?

Cuz like used cars, used vb_liscenses don't go down in value.

vb_liscenses are like Mercedez Benz, no matter the year or model, it will always be a damn ++++in mercedez benz.

16 Aug 2002, 11:34
ok, I just got one offer but I am looking for 2 more licenses so I am still interested !

16 Aug 2002, 12:53
You know you will have to pay whoever you buy the liscense from 30$ a year to renew it.

16 Aug 2002, 18:42
I have to pay $30 to Jelsoft, right? but not to the person I bought it from, once the license is transferred, am I correct?

16 Aug 2002, 18:56
YOu need to have them contact jelsoft and transfer the license to you..

16 Aug 2002, 19:19
if someone want to sell you his license, he will contact the VB suport team and they will transfer his(her) license information to yours (updates the name, email. site, and password).
once this done, you become the owner. from there all you have to do is follow the rules they will email you once the transfer is completed.

16 Aug 2002, 20:48
thanks to all the replied that's what i was thinking

DVincent's comment confused me liitle bit at first..anyway thanks for help

16 Aug 2002, 21:17
i'll sell you a ubb license, but not vB. :D

16 Aug 2002, 23:15
ubb sucks = perl
vbb rules = php and also easier than ubb


i have both but without license.. and i don't for public but my private only (e.g. test/hacks/etc..)

i'll buy a license if i get my money :p

17 Aug 2002, 00:13
Uhh...ummm how are you getting hacks without a liscense?


17 Aug 2002, 05:22
Warez maybe?

or he knows a lisense owner

17 Aug 2002, 09:03
i download ubb from warez and i got vbbhack from one.

17 Aug 2002, 10:24
Originally posted by DrkFusion
Uhh...ummm how are you getting hacks without a liscense?

i think a mod would it by now post the classic message if he does not own a license. please keep in mind that the license owner might add any username to his(her) list so other allowed board admins(devs) can download hacks.

Originally posted by Gohan
i download ubb from warez and i got vbbhack from one.
warez related discussions are not encouraged at vB.org. period.

18 Aug 2002, 00:49
Spitfireisgod, as seen on your homepage, yo run a vb, so please go to this (http://www.vbulletin.com/members/vbulletin.org.php) page and enter your username, to show you are licensed. (you will need to use your customer number and password to access that page)
Thank you.

18 Aug 2002, 04:40
Xenon, i am not the owner, and he is not giving out his lisense info to anyone because his former admin gave his info to his friends

i am just an administrator there

Steve Machol
18 Aug 2002, 05:35
Then just have the owner add your name to the link Xenon provided. He doesn't have to give you any confidential information to do that.

18 Aug 2002, 05:44
thanks... man

18 Aug 2002, 07:28
Spitfireisgod, hmm i see alot of hacks installed there... is that you who installed them?

18 Aug 2002, 16:52
tim, my site owner, and lisense owner, is the guy who instslled those hacks, he also is making custom hacks...

he is registerd as eXtremeT1m here

i am not really the best hacker in the world :(

18 Aug 2002, 17:11
there, i got tim to give me name access,


Steve Machol
18 Aug 2002, 17:31
Originally posted by Spitfireisgod
there, i got tim to give me name access, kthx Thanks! :)

Chris M
18 Aug 2002, 18:27
Steve...I have my username on a friends liscence, and I also have his Liscence Info...Plus I bought my Full Liscence about a Month ago for DarkBlazes...Could a Moderator transfer my name to my liscence, as to access my own liscence, I had to overwrite the remember username stuff for my site...Im not asking just yet;), as I am not at home, and do not have the Liscence Numbers or anything:)

Steve Machol
18 Aug 2002, 18:30
I'm not an Admin so I couldn't do that - even if I did understand what you said! ;)