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17 Aug 2002, 13:09
AWHGROUP.COM 11/19/2001 11/19/2002
BEAST-CLAN.ORG 2/2/2002 2/2/2003
FTPCENTRAL.NET 9/14/2001 9/14/2002
HAUNTEDPROJECTS.COM 10/28/2001 10/28/2003
MANOLASTAI.COM 1/2/2002 1/2/2003
SPASHSHOWTIME.COM 11/4/2001 11/4/2002
UNREAL-ALLIANCE.NET 8/24/2001 8/24/2003

For more information send us a email, Here (admin@realwebhost.net)

18 Aug 2002, 07:36
if i'm correct there is no advertising allowed at vB.org?
any mods, please corect me? it looks onto my eyes you are trying to sell those domains?
also... a little tip, you did not installed my vbMicrostats hack properly. check the db_mysql.php mods.

i was wondering if we can have the official forum rules listed somewhere...

18 Aug 2002, 07:49
First of all do you see for sale anywhere in that post? Don't think so!
Second I did not install your hack we have a programmer that did our stats over a year ago.

18 Aug 2002, 08:06
no need to be rude. is was my oppinon and everyone can be wrong. for the hack, i simply tried to help.
if i offended you in any way, i apologise.

18 Aug 2002, 08:11
tis ok, on the domain names however I am not selling them. If anybody is interested in them all they would need to pay for is to get then transferred.