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18 Aug 2002, 21:52
Please Recommend A Good Portal..

I am starting my design and web hosting site and I need a very good portal system. I have evaluated phpNUKE and encompass but they are not all that impressive, I mean they are really nice but a little to much and not enough of what I need. I'm looking for a portal that doesn't have to look the same on every page, left column, right column, ectect.. I really liked ez publish but its 13 mbs alone and Hard as hell to install.. Is there any other portals yo would recommend, I don't mind paying for them, but rather find something open source if possible. Thanks,

Joshua Chance

or if someone can help me install ez publish, that would be great..

18 Aug 2002, 22:11
You may want to try using vbindex, it can be modified alot, and the multiple page feature, you can modify it. Trust me, its what you are looking for. I can explain why it the better choice even further if you would like.

19 Aug 2002, 02:01
If you don't mind paying, check out vBPortal at www.phpportals.com

19 Aug 2002, 06:07
if you want alot of queries and heavy your server, on your home page, use a portal.
my choice would also be phpportal... or VirtuaNews, the commercial version of vbHome, written by my friend, James Tingle.

19 Aug 2002, 14:42
Where can I find info on this VirtuaNews?

28 Aug 2002, 11:29

I just openend the site :)


28 Aug 2002, 14:22
Virtua News looks great.

28 Aug 2002, 15:40
the site is open now for people that want to purchase it, if anyone has any questions please post in the forums on my site or email me :)


31 Aug 2002, 14:05
Great, i'll check it out. It may be exactly what I want for my site. :)

31 Aug 2002, 14:30
Oh, I expected it to be integrated with vB since nakkid said it was a pro version of vB Home. I guess I won't be using it after all. It's very nice though.

01 Sep 2002, 18:48
What way would you want it integrated then? Is it not better to have the news etc seperate, rather than having a news forum?

22 Oct 2002, 06:10
I was lookign at it as well, but th eproblem is, if you use multiple skins, how woudl the users change the skins in VB and reflect the changes in the portal :(

Dean C
22 Oct 2002, 10:42
Yes that is a probelm CRego3D...

But im sure if its mean to be intigrated with vbulletin then if you ask the creator he'll look into inigrating it with the styles/templates/replacements features of vb :D

And you hardly ever post her Carlos... whats up? :D

- miSt

23 Oct 2002, 00:18
Hi Mist

I spoke with Tingle (and purchased virtuanews ,, hehe) .. he has a way for us to grab the variables from VB :)

I browse vb.org allot, but dont' post that often :)

Dean C
23 Oct 2002, 10:51
Awesome! :D

Im assuming you're going to use this on yaxay - correct ;)?

- miSt

24 Oct 2002, 02:53

24 Oct 2002, 03:27
virtuanews is great !
tingle as done a real good job with it and provide fast support ;)

Dean C
24 Oct 2002, 08:53
Awesome when do you expect yaxay's homepage to be done for then?

And btw your always on AIM but are never there lol! Whats the dealio?

- miSt

space boy
29 Oct 2002, 14:51
Awesome when do you expect yaxay's homepage to be done for then?

As soon as he gets the money to pay a professional for the design work. :banana:

Chris M
29 Oct 2002, 15:50

And virtuanews looks cool:)


31 Oct 2002, 13:14
Sorry to bother you guys but I'm still a newbie regarding portals and I'd like to ask if PHP Portal and VB Portal are one and the same? :confused: If not, how are they different and which is better? Thanks! :D

Dean C
31 Oct 2002, 20:16
PHPportals is the name for the people who distribute vbportal :)

- miSt

02 Nov 2002, 14:22
virtuanews uses a lot of vbcode isnt that like piracy?

02 Nov 2002, 15:04
Originally posted by Mike11212
virtuanews uses a lot of vbcode isnt that like piracy?

As does invisionboard, phpbb, plus a load of other scripts. Its a universal thing rather than vbulletin specific. What other way could you think of to make it easy to change the font of your post, other than adding [font ][/ font]? every method is going to be based around having the word font enclosed in tags which you could call vbcode.