View Full Version : Can you see the IP address without someone making a post?

20 Aug 2002, 08:28
Is there a way to see the IP address of someone just accessing the forum (without making a post) with a date/time stamp without them having to actually make a post? Is there also a way for VB to show what threads those people viewed?

Every other board I have seen only allows viewing of IP's if they make a post and not for just viewing.

20 Aug 2002, 09:27
You can in the Who's Online page - you can view all members and guests' IP addresses, and see where they are on the forums.

20 Aug 2002, 16:03
Wow ok thanks. Let me ask another question. Is there a way to log this info continuously? So I can see who looked at what, when, and with what IP address. It would be really cool if there was a hack or built in way to allow the admin to view a log of this info online for say the past week.

20 Aug 2002, 17:04
That's not possible, mainly because the data that tracks the information would add up and take a lot of database space.

20 Aug 2002, 17:32
How bout this then. Instead of providing all the info to log what IP address logged in what account. Currently it seems that IP's can be checked in the admin CP but it only looks at IP's that have been logged from posting. What if someone, unauthorized, is using someone elses userid not to make a post but instead to read, copy/paste info from the forums etc. Is there a way that I can atleast see what IP logged in what userid in some sort of log and have that dated? Even if the file gets large. I really need this info for security reasons.

20 Aug 2002, 17:42
PPN released hack hack that logs failed login attempts, all that would be needed is to edit the code to log all attempts instead.


20 Aug 2002, 18:04
ok this is what I needed. But this has lead me to something else. Something that may be even more useful. Can I log only successful and then only unsuccessful separately?

20 Aug 2002, 18:26
That should be posible, you just modify the code to specify where the information from sucessfull and unsucessfull attempts go.