View Full Version : Is it possible to be able to get a copy of this style?

Tony DiMera
20 Aug 2002, 19:53
The dark blue one? I woyuld greatly appreciate it if it were possible. This is the best one I have ever seen.

20 Aug 2002, 20:59
I'm afraid not, none of the vB.org styles are avalible for download.

Tony DiMera
21 Aug 2002, 19:13
Ok, thanks anyway.

26 Aug 2002, 09:55
View the source, at least for the colors, you might find the Hex codes for them...I agree about the dark blue style, it's pretty nice :)

Dean C
26 Aug 2002, 16:14
^ i think that would still count as a rip.....

27 Aug 2002, 03:48
I would think he could get the colors and then change them each to something similar. There are probably chrome-style buttons floating around too.

30 Aug 2002, 09:09
Actually, you can get this style. www.vbulletintemplates.com finally opened the database from BBaddons, that has the style on it.

If im not mistaken, it was called New Vbulletin style Blue. I currently have this style on one of my boards as well. I love it!

For the chrome buttons, check out www.shivasite.com

30 Aug 2002, 10:15
Thats a dark blue style, not the vB.org Style.

Tony DiMera
13 Sep 2002, 22:52

14 Sep 2002, 18:39
What exactly are you bumping? The vB.org style isn't avalible and the best source for styles is vbulletintemplates.com or the vB.com forums.

04 Oct 2002, 04:00
Originally posted by NTLDR
What exactly are you bumping?

lol :bump: :p (joking)

no but DiMera if you want a really nice great style just pay someone some good money to make you one ;) there's probably plenty willing... anyways vb.org style is great :) (nice job to everyone that contributed)


09 Oct 2002, 19:25
How much do styles usually cost?

*wishes he could do it himself :(*

09 Oct 2002, 21:00
Originally posted by GaleForce
How much do styles usually cost?

*wishes he could do it himself :(*

If its a custom style specificly for your site then you would usually be looking at $300+

If you don't mind having a good style that may be on other forums then check out www.vbforumskins.com they start at $30 but are sold multiple times :)