View Full Version : Help Vb Files Stolen From Ftp

20 Aug 2002, 21:51
I fired my admin last night and well i changed the ftp pw but the server screwed up and left the old one and added a new one I can't touch the old pw thus right now he has unristricted access till i can get my host online.

Well he downloaded a complete backup of my site for his own personal use.

He also keeps deleting my files and uploading gay files about stuff being owned and so on.

Help me out here please.

20 Aug 2002, 22:16
Sorry I misread..

At first, you shouldnt give your FTP access to anyone but yourself. Hopefully someone will help you out, I never have that problem. Sorry :(

20 Aug 2002, 22:23
Tell your webhost man. Tell him to lock out everything, til you can get it straighten out, and rehire your admin, and then send him to us.

We will take care of him. :chinese:
Then you can fire him.

20 Aug 2002, 22:32
Hes a member her. ;)


20 Aug 2002, 22:48
Bring it on SpitFire!!
You mess with Tim, you mess with da whole ++++in crew!...
ExtremeTim, all I can say for now, is tell your webhost to restrict access to your site to anyone, only via http, then lowl rename stuff and then block him out, as for your files, soryr about that :(

20 Aug 2002, 23:51
The lesson here: Never give out your Admin password, FTP password and MySql password to anyone except yourself.

21 Aug 2002, 01:01
He was an admin and when i fired him and changed the ftp pw the server screwed up and didn't change it just added another pw to the ftp. And my host seems to be gone right now. :(

Steve Machol
21 Aug 2002, 01:15
Next time - change all passwords, then fire him! ;)

21 Aug 2002, 01:55
I did change all pws but the server screwed up and added a second ftp pw not changing the first and i can't touch the first. :(

21 Aug 2002, 02:52
Like everyone said - don't ever share the password to the ftp server or mysql. Admins don't need those passwords to do their jobs.


21 Aug 2002, 17:30
I installed HellSatans Co-Admin, and I coded some scripts that work like ftp, and is assigned to a specific folder, like if one of my staff manages media, he has access to folder called media on my site, and he can upload via http, its very fast. My information manager can upload info to a specific folder on my domain. So you can see, when I need to fire them, I just restrict access to that folder, and everything is safe.

I can also use it to upload stuff, when I login, it recognizes my userid, and then I get access to the whole site, I can also manage the stats, and I can edit html pages online, beause there is a modified WYSIWYG nav, its colour coded and everything, I don't use the admin to manage my site, because I got access to the site. You can see how this is very safe.

I have worked really hard on it, and it works fine, but my site is closing, and when my new site opens, Im going to mvoe it there, and maybe I will makea tutorial here, how to do this :)