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Dark Shogun
21 Aug 2002, 17:15
This is the error I am getting everytime I try to edit my profile or options in the usercp. Parse error: parse error, unexpected $ in /home/dark/public_html/forum/member.php on line 1643

These are the lines around line 1643 in member.php Line 1643 itself is ?>

if (!$enableemail) {

$destuserinfo=$DB_site->query_first("SELECT username,email,showemail FROM user WHERE userid='$destuserid'");

if (!$destuserinfo[showemail]) {

$message = trim($message);
if (!$message) {

eval("\$sendmessage = \"".gettemplate("email_usermessage",1,0)."\";");

mail($destuserinfo[email],$subject,$sendmessage,"From: \"$bbuserinfo[username]\" <$bbuserinfo[email]>");

// parse this next line with eval:


-------------------------------ANOTHER PROBLEM--------------------------
I also have another problem. The New Tread button is at the top and bottom when you go into the forum. I have put up a quick topic hack and I am not sure if that is the reason or not. The problem is I want to know how I can get that button on the other site of the page like the other one.

Dark Shogun

Dark Shogun
21 Aug 2002, 17:17
CORRECTION: First problem was fixed by putting another } after the first one.

Dark Shogun