View Full Version : A Use For My vB

21 Aug 2002, 17:20
Right now my vB (http://forums.ukwnetwork.com/index.php?refererid=2) is just sitting there wasting away as I can't think of a use for them.

So does anyone have any sugesstions on what I could base my forums around, all my ideas have been bad an unsuccessfull.

So fire away, all sensible suggestions welcome :banana:

21 Aug 2002, 17:23
Make a good site, and offer free stuff, and make a huge resource site.

Then base your forums on that.

Dean C
21 Aug 2002, 19:29
have more forums !

21 Aug 2002, 19:30
Originally posted by Mist
have more forums !

I did up untill a few day ago when I hid them as they didn't have any posts. When I eventually come up with an idea for the forums then I can add some ;)