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22 Aug 2002, 03:01
Whilst waiting for vb3.0 and the CMS, I've been looking around for a CMS in the interim to use with vBulletin. I finally ran across one today that I like...it's called Site Works Pro. It's a nice piece of software, VERY easy to set up.

Check it out here (http://www.siteworkspro.com)

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22 Aug 2002, 03:29
Looks nice, how much are you making per referal?

22 Aug 2002, 04:12
$50, but I went ahead and took the referral out. :)

22 Aug 2002, 04:15
Why? I would bought it, and you woulda got 50$...I came back to get the url to buy it lol. Well since you took it out, Im not going to buy i either :p

22 Aug 2002, 09:38

22 Aug 2002, 13:11
blah...I put it back in...

/me sighs

25 Aug 2002, 14:38
Ran across another one today...like it MUCH better than the first, and it is integratable with the vBulletin database.


(and, no, I'm not getting a refferal fee...) :D

Dean C
26 Aug 2002, 16:17
nice :D

26 Aug 2002, 16:19
The other one is very nice!


26 Aug 2002, 19:10
:p thank you, that's my site at nelogic :p we also have integration with phpbb and etc, but it works best with vb :p

u guys should try our enterprise edition

we made some changes on the db to be more customizable :p hope when vb3 comes up we can get it to work with vb3 in less than a week time :p

26 Aug 2002, 20:21
I am crossing my fingers that the VB3 CMS will be excellent. However, the idea of upgrading to VB3 scares the heck out of my right now, given how much code I've added to my forums. I figure I'll probably be waiting for VB3.1 or something similar before I bite the bullet.

26 Aug 2002, 21:13
I second futureal about wait for VB3.1 (or something) cuz usually new verison come out with several bugs or problems so I m going to wait and let other people to deal with it to get it clean and ready. :)

26 Aug 2002, 23:40
:p upgrading from major number is scary, :p yeah waiting for revision after major release is best thing to do i guess :p

Scott MacVicar
27 Aug 2002, 00:57
I'll be upgrading straight away

I have all my hacks done for v3 and my CMS has been updated to handle the new database schema.


Dean C
27 Aug 2002, 09:46
:( thats cuz u have inside information on vb3 ^

27 Aug 2002, 16:19

<ppn>Send me vb3</ppn>

I love Private Text Messages :)

24 Oct 2003, 05:53

<ppn>Send me vb3</ppn>

I love Private Text Messages :)

me three , please

24 Oct 2003, 16:59
me three , please
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