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Ninth Dimension
22 Aug 2002, 17:39
Hi all, i'm so happy, one of my websites is finally getting the attention it's diserves :)

go have a look at http://www.planetbaldursgate.com/ for it's (currently top) news item, titled:
"Icewind Dale II Review
Thursday, August 22, 2002, 07:00"

It's a news item about a review i've got on my site, my site was the FIRST to have a review on the internet for this game.

:banana: :banana: :banana:

22 Aug 2002, 18:05


Ninth Dimension
22 Aug 2002, 18:12
I'm so happy, this may be minor to some point, but this is a MAJOR event for me :)

27 Aug 2002, 20:27
Good work Daniel! :) And nice avatar.

Ninth Dimension
27 Aug 2002, 20:41
Thanx chen, it's still on the front page, only now it's 3rd from bottom - oh look, I just happen to have a screen shot :)


The funny thing is that my avatar and that review are by the same person, my good friend Rob Weller (who is looking for a job - anyone???) :D

But you know what the major pain in the arse is?? I've got no idea how many extra hits I got because of it, the site that provided by webstats decided they where going to start charging everyone, and cancled my account a day before the news got posted (I've only just found this out) :(

/me wants to cry

can anyone suggest a good stats script or site?

27 Aug 2002, 20:43
Use vbStats... doesn't your host provide you stats?

Ninth Dimension
27 Aug 2002, 20:47
SavePoint.co.uk is not a vB enabled site. (The GameVine.co.uk is) so vBstats is not going to be any good for me.

and my host do provide stats, but only very VERY basic ones :(

27 Aug 2002, 22:01

Ninth Dimension
27 Aug 2002, 22:02
Thank you, i'll take a look.

27 Aug 2002, 22:07
There good, they graph your hits, give you an estimate of how many visitors per day, per hour, per month etc.

They also tell you where most of your visitors are coming from, it works like vbstats, just no vb and 4all at the end ;)

Ninth Dimension
27 Aug 2002, 22:20

I've had that counter on my site for a total of 5 mins and from it i've discovered TWO other sites that are linking to the review:

http://www.blackisle.com/ and http://icewind2.blackisle.com/

Thank you :)

/me goes to take more screen shots

27 Aug 2002, 23:54