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Chris M
22 Aug 2002, 20:03

I got my GCSE Results earlier today, after ending a 17 hour journey accross the bloody world...Grrr...

Here are the 7 I took this year, then I will post up all 10 after it:

English Literature - A*
Maths - A
French - A
Geography - A
German - B
Biology - C
Chemistry - C

Whooo hooo!!! I have never felt so good, or shocked...I am surprised at Geography...I thought that would be a B!!

Here are my total results:

English Literature - A*
English Language - B
Maths - A
French - A
Geography - A
German - B
Biology - C
Chemistry - C
Physics - C

The only dissapointment out of that set of Grades, is ICT...However I blame the Teacher, who "taught" us for over a year, how to do jack sh*t and make it look good in practise;)

I am really pleased with the Results, as is the Deputy Head of my school, and all the Teachers who will be teaching me next year...

Next Year (September 2002), I will be in the L6, and doing my AS Levels - I am doing:

English Literature

In order to be able to Study the subjects above, you either have to get a B grade or Above, or be predicted a B or higher for the Full Exam, usually taken on Mock Exam results...

As you can see, I totally smashed the barriers, and although German is the Lowest of the 3 GCSEs, I am happy with it - I am not fluent, but I will aim to be - A B is a solid Foundation:)

And Finally - After my "Scholarly" actions in my GCSE Exams, I will be taking some time to get out the Champagne, and have a Celebration or three:D:D - All Hail Alchy!;):D

Have any Questions? Tough ****:D - If you want to ask meh any, shoot;)


22 Aug 2002, 20:14
German a B not Bad

Es heisst immer deutsch sei eine schwere Sprache, also gratuliere ich dir herzlichst zu der 2 (2 ist hier ein B).

23 Aug 2002, 00:05
^^ I believe you said:

German is a very hard language, and congradulations on the level B.

If my pride of being born in Germany has any life, please let that be right :)

23 Aug 2002, 00:31
the translation is simpler as the original but the core was right ;)

Correct: (i hope i can tell that as good in english ^^)
It is always said, german is a hard language, though deep congradulations on level B :)

23 Aug 2002, 01:45
I am very rusty on german, all I know by heart is the numbers from 1 to 19 :)

Dean C
23 Aug 2002, 18:41
congratualtions satan :D

26 Aug 2002, 02:39