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23 Aug 2002, 04:00

when asked for a name and password to the site it is name: fcfactor
pass : rewards

i know this board is a stolen version
no one else get's it for free

23 Aug 2002, 12:23
as i see it's a phpbb2 software, not a vb software so it's the wrong place to post it ;)

phpbb2 is free to download, but i don't know if it's allowed to remove copyright text...

i'd say tell it at www.phpbb.com

24 Aug 2002, 02:43

:banana: :banana: :banana: :banana: :banana: :banana:

that's all i can say.

24 Aug 2002, 22:29
1 more thing does vb use this:
privmsg.php, no that will be private.php and private2.php

25 Aug 2002, 12:27
man deep get outta here with that piracy mess. people rather ger phpBB for free with all the same stuff as Vbulletin than pay for it. But some people don't knwo whats best for them and pay hundreds of odd dollars for someting like this. Ha! SO yeah man, even if it was a pirated verion you couldn't prove it and you can't walk up to some site you sespect of piracy and ask them for the customer ID. Heh.... Can't belive you guys, this forums go so many exploits out for it but don't know body care because do no body worh hacking use it.

Watch, an admin will get all pissy and ban & block me....

25 Aug 2002, 15:00
Do phpBB lovers have anything better to do than run over here and brag about it being free :rolleyes:
It's like those commercials that have nothing better to say than that their product is free, they just keep repeating it and repeating it like we didn't hear it the first 100 times

Steve Machol
25 Aug 2002, 19:29
I certainly hope that phpBB_Rocks' post isn't indicative of the intelligence and maturity level of most phpBB users. This certainly doesn't reflect well on them.

This thread is nonsense since the original message was to report a 'pirate' phpBB board - a creature that doesn't exist in the wild. Thread closed.