View Full Version : Visiting good old Nippon for about two Weeks

23 Aug 2002, 18:51
Hi folks,

i have to say goodbye for two weeks. I'll go to Japan on vacation and can't post as long as i'm there. (Perhaps an i-net cafe ;))

So if there are problems with my hacks (i hope not) please wait till i'm back, so i couldn't forget some questions ;)

I'll be away from Sunday 25. August till 10. September.
I think pal Logician will guard my requestforum ;)

I don't know if i have time to look in here tomorrow, so i post this today ;)


23 Aug 2002, 22:15
Have fun Xenon and enjoy your well earned break :D

24 Aug 2002, 04:20
Sounds awesome Xenon ;)

*raises hand for questions*
Are you going to any gaming conventions?
Are you checking out any anime things?
Can you bring me back some pocky? :)

If you can answer those questions, unless you've already left :(

Anyway, have fun. ;)

24 Aug 2002, 05:44
Enjoy! :) I was in Japan (Tokyo) at the start of this year and it was great. Watch for the weird hair styles and colors. :)

24 Aug 2002, 06:30
have fun Xenon :) we await for your return but i think that you aren't :p btw i'll help Logician with the request forum ;) or at least try to... regards...


24 Aug 2002, 12:16
g-force: good to hear :)
pal logician would surely accept your help ;)

gamingconventions: not planned, but if i found one it's really really possible ;)
animes: that is one reason for me to go to japan :)
pocky: i try :D

Dean C
25 Aug 2002, 13:21
have fun xenon ! :D


- Mist

04 Sep 2002, 20:33
How come I have seen this thread now? lol

@Xenon: have a very nice vacation! I heard Japan very nice so I believe you'll have a great vacation ;)

@g-force2k2: Pal, you help WAY more than anybody would wish.. Great contribution to the community! really.. :)

12 Sep 2002, 11:08
I'm back (REALLY? ^^)

I've had a very nice trip and feel sad that it was so short, i really love this country and the people (and the nice girls there ^^)

But now i'm back let's start the work again, what happend?
ahh, version 227 *downloadcomplete*
Let's Hack ^^

12 Sep 2002, 12:57
Hehehe, I lived in Southern Japan for 4 years. Loved the girls so much that I married one and brought her hhere to Australia (but I am English:D)

Xenon, want to hack? I have a job for you, maybe - or for someone, at any rate. It is the Software Repository hack in the Requests forum. Anyhow, PM in the..err...system/post. :D

12 Sep 2002, 13:57
I also think i'll move to Japan in Future for a longer time than 2 weeks, i hope i'll get the chance ;)

As said, i don't have much time these days for your hack.
Perhaps when i've more time again and you don't find someone else

12 Sep 2002, 16:42
I want to go to Japan but well, it's too expensive for a 14 year old :p

[especially when I have to travel half-way around the world :(]

12 Sep 2002, 16:54
yes it's expensive but it's worth ;)
i paid about 2200$ for the trip from germany to japan for two weeks, and thats a lot of money for a student :)

i'd say talk to your parents the next holidays should be in japan :D

12 Sep 2002, 17:33
Hi Stefan,
Originally posted by Xenon
I'm back (REALLY? ^^)

Welcome back! Request forum missed you! We tried to do our best but something is always missing without Xenon there hehe. BTW. G-force2k2 has incredible contribution and joined the "Guardians".. :cool:

Good luck reading hundreds of compiled messages.. The worst way of returning from a vacation..

Ps. I'm way too busy nowadays and couldnt work on the hack you sent, sorry pal..

12 Sep 2002, 17:49
Ah i saw, welcome to g-force in our group :)

no problem, then i'll finish the hack when i've got enogh time again :)

I've had a look at most of the new posts here, but unable to answer them ;)
but i see you have answered most reqs ;)

12 Sep 2002, 18:01
hey hey... welcome back Xenon... its been awhile... at least its seemed that way... good to hear you had a good time... :) regards...


Dean C
12 Sep 2002, 18:50
awesome xenon... good to have you back...

/me looks forward to xenon's next big release...

- Mist :D

12 Sep 2002, 20:19
/me Knows it is going to be his self porn