View Full Version : Can anyone help with an upgrade?

Sal Collaziano
23 Aug 2002, 21:49
Hi all.. I'm currently using v2.2.3 and it looks like I'm going to need to upgrade to 2.2.6... I think my host upgraded their version of PHP and I'm having all sorts of minor (and some major) problems... My board is pretty busy so I don't want to trust myself upgrading. Would anyone who does this kind of thing frequently be willing to help me out?

How much? And do you accept PayPal?

Thank you...

Sal Collaziano

23 Aug 2002, 22:22
Do you have many/any hacks that you would want re-applied after the upgrade? If not it would take a few mins for me to upgrade the board.

24 Aug 2002, 06:27
yeah Sal if you still need any help you can pm me about it as well ;) regards...