View Full Version : Need counsel about kind hacks

26 Aug 2002, 21:29
Hi folks,

I download a few vbb hacks.

In battle hack
RPG Class Hack v2.0
The Itemshop v5 (Original)
Store Hack Version 1.3
Stats / Level Hack

i want added above few list on my forum.
but i don't know what is best.
i like in battle.. battle will check from hp/mp/exp (skills/tactics/leadership) and itemshop

that possible?

my test site = http://saxxon.squadcenter.de/forums/index.php

26 Aug 2002, 21:31
btw i'll make a few icon (like as RPG) from itemshop change to plane, soldier, battleship, etc.. cuz our site is mohaa/battlefield 1942 clan

26 Aug 2002, 23:56

nobody can't helped?