View Full Version : Hard drive Question?

27 Aug 2002, 19:11
I want to have made hard drive space.. since I am going to be making a file serv.. and I want to get suggestions on where I could get a good deal for some good stuff

- Neo Dead :dead:

27 Aug 2002, 19:24
They have really cheap stuff, its a company based in canada by the way. I get all my stuff there, works great.

Im not sure what you mean by made harddrive space, but Im guessing you want to have a slave drive setup for the file serv.

By the way, you have to ask Sunny Computers to ship it, and you might have to pay S&H.

Sorry I don't know any in the United States or wherever you live.

Also if you guys have Circuit City try them.

27 Aug 2002, 22:09
I often do online shopping from www.newegg.com -- they have good service, a huge selection, and usually some of the best prices around.

28 Aug 2002, 01:08
You might try www.pcclub.com and/or www.outpost.com both have excellent prices on almost everything...