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Sweet Cheeks
28 Aug 2002, 04:21
Ok if you were in this situation how would you handle it?

I have an Admin who I only know online, but we've become pretty good friends and have been through alot of crap together since I started my board, and she has stuck by me through all of this. We've always told everything to each other.

Well I find out she started this other board with another member on my site (not a VB tho..which means it sucks to begin with LOL! ). Well apparently she has had this board for about a month now and I look in my admin logs and see she has generated a list of my members email addy's twice now :cross-eyed:

Should I be po'd or what? :ermm:

28 Aug 2002, 04:38

Actually she have no right to do that since it is YOUR board after all. She should do that at HER own board, not yours. Use IM to talk it over with her how you feeling and try to discuss it over with her to make some kind of compromise. If she didnt or aint give any damn about it, I dont know what to say but do your best and make a best decision out of it.

Hope everything will somehow straight out...

28 Aug 2002, 14:21
Thats not good, thats like some robot crawling the web and gathering email address, and spamming out messages to people,
Since it is your job to see that your members privacy is looked after, I guess you should talk to her, and/or restrict full access to the admin cp.


Sweet Cheeks
28 Aug 2002, 15:30
Thanks for the advice guys. I did ask her about it and she is *confused* as to what I mean when I asked her about generating a list of the member's emails. Guess I'll have to figure out what to do and who I can trust.

Thanks a bunch :rambo:

28 Aug 2002, 15:33
yeah i wouldn't trust someone who did such a thing... im sorry to hear Julie... that really sucks... but i guess the internet can be like that... one moment you think your best friends with someone the next your hated enemies... its hard to trust ppl on the net its even harder when thought trust is broken... you have my sympathy... regards...


Ninth Dimension
28 Aug 2002, 18:04
I'd be upset if I found out that someone had done that to me, that is why I only let people that I trust completly with access to the admin panel.

Good luck with whatever happens :D

Sweet Cheeks
31 Aug 2002, 23:15
Thanks a bunch guys! I am going to be upgrading tonight and I am going to install the lesser admin cp and hopefully that will work *fingers crossed*

Chris M
01 Sep 2002, 00:12
Coolies Julie:)

But she shouldnt be performing functions that she is not allowed to...