View Full Version : No one interested

29 Aug 2002, 17:43
I am suprised no one is interested in doing this. I am willing to pay to have someone do back end work. Does anyone know anyone that would be interested? I would pay them. :)

29 Aug 2002, 17:50
Perhaps someone will be interested when you have actually purchased vB.

29 Aug 2002, 17:51
Why would I buy it if I can't find someone who can help out? That woudl be like buying a car that needs repair then finding out if someone can actually make it run.

31 Aug 2002, 08:39
Some people may feel that if you can afford to purchase vBulletin (and you do) that you will be able to pay them for the work that they do. It is not common to find someone who wants work done but once completed, will not pay or just does not want it anymore in general.

I am not saying that you will do this, don't get me wrong, but I have had it happen plenty of times before with web design and I am sure many coders have this happen to them as well.

There is a pretty low chance that you will not be able to find someone to do the work for you, instead of posting an open message, why not try to contact some people off hand and ask them if they are willing to do the work for you.

The reason some people may not be interested is because you have not posted anything as to what you are wanting to have done, at least not in this thread (details always help).

If you do not find anyone here that has the time or is willing to do so for you, there are other forums, such as WebHostingTalk.com (no, it is not only for web hosts). They recently opened a PHP section and it is welcoming help requests and work request alike I am sure, so if no one here can help, why not browse on over there?

Out of 20k+ members between the boards, I am sure you will be able to find someone willing to take on the job for you.

- SaintDog