View Full Version : IbF, PhpBB, and other free Board Users Please Read!

30 Aug 2002, 15:36
If you are looking to change to vbulletin, please ignore this, as this goes for the other people that decide to come to other board communities and post pointless topics.
There has latly been several very pointless threads from free board users latly mainly putting down vbulletin, and other softwares. This Forum is made for Pre-Sales Questions, if you plan to buy vbulletin or wish to inquire more information about what vbulletin has to offer, or what is being planned in the future for vbulletin, please feel free to post it.

Any threads that are not following this topic, or if users from other free board comunity come here to practically only post unwanted messages, and putdowns, will be deleted, or closed.

If you decide to ignore this and continue on with childish behaviours, keep in mind that the childish acts will also influence our views apon other free board community. (You are representing the bbs community you come from)

If you still ignore all warnings please be known, that the response you get from other VB Users, is not influenced by Vbulletin Devs, admins or mods, but its strictly there opinion, and there views, you must learn to respect that.

*Note* Making judgements by only one persons view is a sign of ignorance and lack of attention.

This post was also not influenced by vb devs, mods, admins, this is what I think, and what most others think, and this is to help benifit your bbs community and ours, as useless threads will take up less database space.

To Mods, admins:
If this doesn't belong here, or you do not want this here, feel free to delete, move, edit at at your own free will. I for one posted this because it gets very tiring, to see a bunch of kids coming here and representing the other decent board users, whom do respect our community poorly.

30 Aug 2002, 16:59
Very good, DrkFusion :)

I hope this thread will be pin by staff.

31 Aug 2002, 04:24
I know what you mean, DrkFusion, they're just too stuck up :rolleyes:

and I agree with GoldKnight about "sticking" this thread ;)

07 Sep 2002, 21:55
word. Damn bb fanboys! :P