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02 Sep 2002, 01:02
Well, I start school on Tuesday, you can say Im not a very productive student, and well I have been forced to close all my sites except one, because, I really need to start getting serious, I think you can expect more hacks from me, becasue now I will be working on my php skills alot :)

Anyways, just thought you guys would like to know that your lil old Master Drk won't be on much.

Sweet Cheeks
02 Sep 2002, 01:19
:( We'll miss you

02 Sep 2002, 01:31
It sucks that you had to close most of your sites :( was that an act of your own or did your parents suggest it'd be good for you? I hope my parents don't make me close my site down :(

Dean C
02 Sep 2002, 08:35
have fun :D

02 Sep 2002, 20:00

Dean C
03 Sep 2002, 18:42

03 Sep 2002, 22:29
He means refer to your post, he was too lazy to put "have fun" himself :p

Dean C
04 Sep 2002, 17:08
lmfao at me...

< dumbass with a headache last nite hehe ;)

- Mist