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03 Sep 2002, 02:41
I have a theory in regards to vBulletin. My theory applies primarily to webmasters but I think it can also apply to users too.

The theory states: "Once a vBulletin user, always a vBulletin user. Despite all the other boards out there, one will always be a vBulletin user no matter how many times he or she changes forums types or locations. One will always return to vBulletin even after leaving vBulletin for a period of time. One will regret not using vBulletin in the first place when looking for forums to either particpate or use in their site."

Any thoughts/comments/suggestions?

03 Sep 2002, 07:09
Well ofcourse somebody who uses vBulletin would have to agree (well..webmasters maybe) :p

If you posted this topic on UBB forums, replacing "vBulletin" wtih "uBB", I'm sure most people would agree the same.

I personally have enjoyed my experience with vBulletin because of all the coding knowledge and skill I've gained.

I recently registered at an Invision Board though, and I must say they run very nicely. Some of the Invision Boards I have visited are fairly hacked up, but run and generate very quickly.

03 Sep 2002, 07:49
I've actually heard a lot of stories of people leaving UBB for vB.... :rolleyes: but not vice-versa.

03 Sep 2002, 12:54
Im one of them :)

Dean C
03 Sep 2002, 18:41
i never post on boards now unless they're vb... pure and simple :D

- Mist

04 Sep 2002, 07:56
Hehe, but if you never post on some of the free boards, you may never make their webmasters addicted to vBulletin. I have a few webmaster friends who uses boards like phpBB and Invision Board. I post frequently enough to get people to visit my forums, and they always seem to be commenting about vBulletin and how fast, customizeable and beautiful it is.

In short, webmasters get jealous and now wants their own copy of vBulletin :)

Enjoy Marcus
08 Sep 2002, 17:29
i think that things will change, i thin yabb is a very descent board constantly looking forwards, and i could see them maybe becoming bigger than vb, phpbb is very good too.

Chris M
08 Sep 2002, 18:18
vB is the best so far, because of its immensely popular structure, and wide-based information and support...


08 Sep 2002, 22:36
Yeah...what hellsatan said :)

11 Sep 2002, 03:39
I'd agree with your theory.. Vbull is the best forums software I've seen yet.IMO

14 Sep 2002, 11:53
IYO? Well let me put it this way.......

I agree. ;)

14 Sep 2002, 12:05
vb3 will waste all forums when released :)

15 Sep 2002, 10:50
Originally posted by Mist
i never post on boards now unless they're vb... pure and simple :D

- Mist

Then you find out vB.org is powered by cBB :classic:

Mystic Gohan
15 Sep 2002, 13:33

I used to use UBB for like a month (warez version :)) but then I saw the light vB so sexy I was like i must have. So i payed the money and had one ever since good forum. the only one that can compete is wbb because it is pretty much a rip of vB

15 Sep 2002, 13:44
Originally posted by assassingod

Then you find out vB.org is powered by cBB :classic:

Or a highly hacked version of....phpBB! :eek:

15 Sep 2002, 15:37
hehe, yeah.

21 Sep 2002, 00:53
Originally posted by blackice912

Or a highly hacked version of....phpBB! :eek:

The day that happens, the day I scream bloody murder!

21 Sep 2002, 02:01
i dont have a board yet :( but i know that i dont like posting on non-VB boards. When i think about it all the boards that i like the best are VB.

21 Sep 2002, 06:42
Time to go buy it then :D

21 Sep 2002, 18:42
Originally posted by ManagerJosh
Time to go buy it then :D

yeah i guess it is...

I guess i just dont have the balls to spend the money. :(

21 Sep 2002, 21:59
I had the guts to.....never regretted it too.

22 Sep 2002, 19:37
I changed from UBB too. It's like night and day. Heck, I even purchased my license. The support team on .com was a lot more helpful then UBB. All they ever did is link to the search engine. When users said that they couldn't find the info, they linked to other threads that ultimately didn't have the answer either.

Don't even get me started on the hacks....

Okay, maybe a little. Their basic board which cost more was like buying a Yugo. It had NOTHING in it. And if you did hack, they treated you like an outcast. Bah!

26 Sep 2002, 00:08
Anything else new with UBB? Cause I'm not surprised at all :D