View Full Version : Is this a OK Copyright notice?

04 Sep 2002, 22:43
Is it ok to change the text to a image? Check out the very bottom of my site, http://forum.dcstats.net/

04 Sep 2002, 22:55
Yes it is ok to do that. :)

Gary King
05 Sep 2002, 01:43
#1: Your site seems to be down at the moment.
#2: Yes it is OK to do this, as long as you clearly show that it is powered by vBulletin, and copyrighted by Jelsoft Enterprises Limited.
#3: There are many sites who this as well, so don't worry :)

07 Sep 2002, 01:28
Thanks mates!

Blak n Wite, we did a one minute update, you catched it, nice work ;)

Gary King
07 Sep 2002, 01:42
No problemo :)