View Full Version : I have a RPG Battle System!

Mystic Gohan
06 Sep 2002, 02:51
OK I have a RPG Battle System it isnt exactly for a vB yet. It should work though I am still testing. I did not make one of my friends did but I will release it later. I might be able to post a few screen shots when I get it up. I will have it be playable for a while

07 Sep 2002, 21:31
well editing that wbb's hack is pretty clever of you, but if you do finish it i will be the first one to download it.

07 Sep 2002, 21:44
I have it ported, for my test board.

Doesn't look or work properly lol

07 Sep 2002, 22:04
i also did that and it worked but it has alot of glitches

07 Sep 2002, 22:30
The question is... who doeesnt?

Mystic Gohan
09 Sep 2002, 03:02
eh well I know who made it blah :p he is one of my good friends but never said anything about this and I think I am gonna get Nano to work on it or a diff one eh who knows he is really busy.

09 Sep 2002, 03:10
think there's enough battle hacks yet? i don't see anything promising in them... when / and if i do mine i'll be content with that... but all these bugged battle hacks? nope don't need em and don't need to import them... regards...


10 Sep 2002, 17:47
i hate to tell u but u aint the first